BAUHAUS Think-Tank

TIMELINE for this Art & Work 2019-2021:

April 2019: Art & work dedicated to 100 years of Bauhaus was opened in London.

June 2019: recreated in in Forte Prenestino (Rome) for CRACK Festival (burnt)

October 2019: built again for SPAM Roma 2019 ( Festival, at Casa dell’Architettura, Acquario Romano

October 2019: presented at MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts

October 2020 – June 2021: presented at MART (Museo di Arte Moderno e Contemporanea) di Trento e Rovereto

September 2021: presented at EUR , Laghetto Dell’Eur (burnt)

The goal of this art project was to attract the attention of the audience to start a debate/think-tank on Bauhaus and on different topics that impact our lives.

The Bauhaus Think-Tank project is a sort of “onion” composed of different layers, the outer one has the function of attracting the attention of the broadest and most varied audience (from intellectuals to youngsters), while the other layers have complexity and density of meanings that for percepting require a greater attention and/or knowledge. 

Therefore the goal is not not only to talk about Bauhaus, its philosophy and principles but also about topics such as theoretical thinking and concrete action, freedom and oppression, war and peace, etc., which have affected the life of the Bauhaus as they keep affecting the lives of all of us.

In conclusion we want to emphasize that to be 100% Bauhaus is not enough to apply some of the well-known principles theorized by this “school” (projecting/designing an object taking into account its functionality, efficiency, and easy industrialization on a large scale) but it’s also necessary to apply these principles with the aim of reaching good goals.



On the evening of January 2/2022, Guido Iannuzzi’s artwork “Bauhaus Think-Tank”, exhibited in the center of the EUR lake of Rome, suffered an attack with incendiary bottles and has been completely destroyed.
The act of vandalism hit an artistic work that was met with great success among the inhabitants of EUR district of Rome, as well as previously among prestigious exponents of the world of art, architecture and independent critical thought.
It is particularly striking that an installation, which had among its various objectives precisely that idea of remembering how violence and the abuse of force have produced pain and destruction in human history, by itself became the victim of an act of violence.
It is also regrettable that an extraordinary exhibition path taken by Bauhaus Think-Tank art-installation, which with great success has made a stop both in prestigious museums such as MAXXI
in Rome and MART in Rovereto, and in alternative spaces such as Forte Prenestino and the Stompie Garden in London, and which in fact united the most diverse worlds, has been interrupted by a gesture as violent as it’s irrational.
In the hope that the work can be reborn from the ashes, the author thanks all those who have expressed their enthusiastic appreciation for it and confirmed the validity of the choice to bring Art to the places where citizens live, even at the risk of undergoing the destruction of the work


BAUHAUS Think-Tank at EUR

6 September 2021, you are all invited to witness the impossible: a tank in the centre of the EUR pond in Rome.
BAUHAUS Think-Tank of Guido Iannuzzi from MART Museum of Contemporary Art of Rovereto arrives to this unusual and incredible location for:
– celebrating the principles of Bauhaus, especially those connected to sharing the skills and knowledge and implementing them for community in our century
– remembering, at the same time, man’s atrocities, when he uses the strength and ingenuity against the humanity

— at Laghetto Dell’Eur


Bauhaus Think-Tank at MART (Museo di Arte Moderno e Contemporanea) di Trento e Rovereto

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Bauhaus Think-Tank at MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts

3rd Bauhaus Think-Tank stroke again at SPAM Roma 2019 ( Festival, at Casa dell’Architettura, Acquario Romano (10 October 2019)

2nd Bauhaus Think-Tank was presented at Crack Festival, at Forte Prenestino, Rome (June 2019)

1st Bauhaus Think-Tank – art & work dedicated to 100 years of Bauhaus: opened in April 2019 in London