About Us

The mission of Alt-G is to deliver the message by any means necessary, but legally.

Alt-G is a collective of socially responsible / irresponsible artists with diverse skills that realise material and immaterial creations.
Professionalism, technical skills and passion for what they are doing are the three key elements of Alt-G team.

The strength of Alt-G is in the clash and battle of two areas.

  • Creative: photography, video, drawing, 3D graphics, animation, contemporary design and fashion, music, shows organisation, writing, theatre;
  • Boring: business development: public relations, media and law.

The interaction and collaboration between these two areas makes Alt-G projects innovative and real.

Our Team is always in the working progress.
We have famous and very unknown people in our team.
But we will not unveil the real names – we want you to experience our ideas, and not to judge by authority and notoriety of the name.

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