Hedy Lamarr Project

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Hedy was an extraordinary woman, actress and inventor. She was a Hollywood star in the 30-50ies, the first one to grace naked on the screen and to be filmed in an orgasm, and was called the most beautiful woman of the XX century.
Her impact as an inventor is even higher. Hedy’s ideas were way ahead of the time – in 1942 she invented the pioneer technology which lays in the foundation of the mobile phones, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The story is fascinating: to fight Hitler, Hedy together with George Antheil, avant garde composer and author of Ballet Mécanique, created the secret communication system to guide the torpedoes on basis of technique of spread spectrum and frequency hopping. This technology was first implemented 20 years later in the Cuban Missile Crisis and later became the basis of the US government’s defence communications system, with satellites now orbiting the planet and allowing the military to communicate.

Talented and intellectually astute woman, Hedy is a unique example of a genuine character to take inspiration from.

VIDEO: Kisses from Hedy


This Video was shown at:

Teatro Marinoni (2013), Venice, Italy

Greizer Theaterherbst Festival (2010), Greiz, Germany

EFFETTI di MOVIMENTO III Festival at Forte Prenestino (2010), Rome, Italy

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