BROME is a new term, a sort of acronym invented by the artist, which comes from the English translation of the name of the typical and absolutely unique plant grown in the Roman countryside from which the work originates.
BROME = Broccolo Romano – Broccolo di Roma – Broccolo of Rome
The work wants to be attractive in its aesthetics and in its colours (Pop / Exoteric) and at the same time bearer of conceptual and philosophical contents that are not always immediately legible and understandable by all (Esoteric).
BROME is in fact a fractal, a sort of conceptual matryoshka that contains the rules of the universe (golden section) and is at the same time representative of approaches and visions considered opposite such as the Borrominian baroque and Itten’s Bauhaus rationalism.
BROME also has as its main purpose that of contrasting the elitist, anti-pop and speculative drift of a part of the art world: it is in fact a artistic work made in different colours, sold at an affordable price to many and deliberately distributed also in channels other than art galleries and specialised trade fairs.
In fact, the work wants to break the corporate and caste walls and logic of the world of art and culture: it is a work of cultural antitrust.
In order to accentuate its culturally antagonistic nature, the artist has decided to present and sell the first lot of Brome in Voghera, also in order to break the stale cliché that represents it as a symbolic city of a cultural provincialism which actually houses and proliferates more precisely in the self-referential Italian cultural and social elites of the so-called cultural capitals of the nation.