Kate Moss: Costantinopolis delenda est

Kate-Costantinopolis delenda est from AltG on Vimeo.

Kate is the ultimate weapon: when she arrives to the territory of gentrification, the game is over, there is no hope for resistance to divert the outcome of the battle .

Her presence in the city is a “testimonial” of the capitalist civilization, taking over and prevailing for the umpteenth time. There is no ideology , religion or tradition that can resist her.

Kate has already bent Rome, Moscow, Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Beijing, Tokyo…. Cinisello Balsamo, so why should not conquer Istanbul?

Several neighbourhoods are already hers, such as Beyoglu, Pera. Even the areas of resistance, like Fatih, Fener and Balat, the dwells which are visited and photographed only by people who call themselves the rebels only because they criticise the system which feeds them and provides with their advantage, all those areas are going to be swept away by the “Progress“.

Kate is the “salt of our civilization”* and as such is the end of the others: Costantinopolis delenda est!

*The “salt of civilization” term is derived from ancient human history . The salt was considered for a long time as precious substance to preserve food. At the same time the salt was spread by conquistadores, the Romans, to be spread over the grounds of antique Carthaginian empire to destroy the land fertility, as well as to stress the concept of territory ownership. Hence the Roman phrase “Carthago delenda est“ – Carthage must be destroyed.

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