Bauhaus Think-Tank at SPAM Roma 2019


Project of Guido Iannuzzi (Alt-G)


On the opening day of SPAM Architecture Festival (, the Bauhaus Think-Tank installation by Guido Iannuzzi was presented to the audience, to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus.

10 October, Thursday, 18.30h, at Acquario Romano, Casa Dell’Architettura, Piazza Fanti, 47, Rome

The aim of this art-work is to attract the attention of public and to turn on the debate (Think-Tank) on the Bauhaus as well as on a series of other topics which affect our life, both materially and spiritually.

This is also the reason for the word game Think-Tank: in English the word “tank” means “the tank” and it’s also part of the term “think-tank” which is understood as a hub for creative debate of thinkers.

The project Bauhaus Think-Tank is composed of different layers, the outermost have the function of stopping the attention of the widest and most varied public, while the other inner layers have deeper meaning that can be interpreted only by the audience with more knowledge and concentration.

Consequently the object reveales not only the essence of Bauhaus and its principles but also topics for debate such as the relationship between ethics and aesthetics, theoretical thought and concrete action, freedom and oppression, war and peace, etc, which have affected the life of Bauhaus as they keep affecting the lives of all of us even 100 years later, through perspective of time and evolution of our civilization.

In particular the artist would like to affirm that to be 100% Bauhaus is not enough to apply the principles theorized by this school – to design an object taking into account its functionality, efficiency and ease of industrialization on a large scale – but it’s also necessary to do so in order to achieve the goals which produce positive effects for the community as a whole. For this reason presented tank T-34, which was chosen as an icon of Bauhaus due to the above principles were applied in designing it, is divided into two parts:

1. One half is painted with Bauhaus graphics of 3 colors (yellow, red and blue) and 3 geometric shapes (triangle, square and circle), intended to represent the ingenuity of the man who implements the principles for achieving the higher good, equal to T-34 being used to save and protect humanity and freedom during the 2nd World War.

2. The other half is painted into black and represents the man using his abilities to produce evil, the absence of light, spiritual vision and enlightement. For this reason under the tracks of the tank there are flowers in memory of all events where man’s abilities and the tools he designed were used against humanity and for annihilation of freedom.

The author of Bauhaus Think-Tank is Guido Iannuzzi (Alt-G), who has already made a 32ton version of it, exhibited in London (105 Page’s Walk, London SE1 4HD).

Information on his other works:

After presentation Bauhaus Think-Tank was moved to MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts. Please, see MAXXI event page here