T-34: The Bauhaus Victory (IWM)


2019 is the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus. On the occasion of this anniversary the project aims to celebrate an “object” that can be considered, in all respects, a victory of the Bauhaus – the T-34 tank.

This is not only because it was designed and produced by applying all the principles of the Bauhaus school, but also because it is considered by historians as one of the key instruments for the victory against the Nazism. Nazists closed the Bauhaus school in 1933, considering the Bauhaus as dangerous enemy.

T-34 tank was designed to be produced easily and on a large scale by the Russian industry, it  was effective, efficient, cheap and simple in maintainance, and that was the opposite to the baroque German tanks which were as advanced as difficult to produce and maintain.

Therefore T-34 Tank is undoubtedly concrete example of the application of the principles of the Bauhaus: the object must be designed in a way that is functional, industrialised on a large-scale and free of unnecessary aesthetic elements.



To cover T34 tank exposed at Imperial War Museum with coloured plastic film with graphics inspired by three Bauhaus colours (yellow, blue and red) and three Bauhaus geometrical shapes (triangle, circle and square).

Some wheels will be covered with the Yin & Yang symbols in order to always remember that every object and, in particular, every weapon, can be a tool used to fight the evil (the Nazism during the World War II) or to produce the evil (to impede freedom during the “Prague spring”)

(The technique used is completely reversible and will not ruin the surface of the tank)

Please, see 3D Rendering of the T-34 Tank  by this link , the password is: Alt-g

T-34 Bauhaus
by Pablo Pereda Diaz (ALT-G)
on Sketchfab


The proposal is to show the artistic work for at least a month during 2019 for the centenary of the Bauhaus (April 2019)

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